do create a Theatre for the people within a constraints but rewarding site that offers great opportunities.


This was Concepts next conceptual architectural challenge




Waterford, Ireland



The Site:

 in Waterford located behind an existing hotel within its spacious car parking next to tidal stream and overlooking the River Suir.

Although a difficult site it offers great opportunity.

Our Vision:

for the site location is to enhance the river front promenade by introducing excitement and energy at either ends, focal points, creating a playful journey along the river bank for local and visitors to enjoy.

The Theatre

will be one of ‘enhanced sensual experience’

Using the metaphor of a white light penetrating a prism, the public ‘the light’ will enter the theatre ‘the prism’ unassuming of the experience awaiting them, resulting in ‘refraction’ the explosion of conscious emotion, experience by all aspects of the human senses.

For this sensuous journey to occur, the use of light & darkness, confined & large spaces, materiality, reverberations sounds and sightline are all called upon to assist in creating this unique playful journey within the theatre common areas.

The Design

is very much focused on the functional requirement of a Theatre and rehearsal studio, while providing for public amenities such as restaurants, bars, & cafes. We have also catered for quite zone for thoughtful reflection, which forms an important aspect all of the journey.

By allocating all the theatre services, electrical & mechanical and in one rectangular elongated core, this allowed us to create a ‘service spine’ to the rear of the building, leaving the remaining front of house space as flexible public circulation space while enjoying the best views the site has to offer.

Final thought

for the proposed design was to create a landmark, a focal point to this region of the City, drawing curiosity while encouraging the public to walk the river promenade toward the theatre.

enhancing the public realm experience

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