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The recovery and enhacement of Sancti Petri seems to be closer.

It was once one of the richest places in Andalucia, and also the most beautiful. Sancti Petri, a piece of land gained to the sea in Chiclana, was erected as a town thanks to the business ot tuna fishing. Chiclaneros of a certain age remember with nostalgia the busy times, that made wealthy the area and brough so much to this town.

After years of neglect and different governments´aproaches, it seems that since March is official that Junta de Andalucia is investing 5M of euros in its regeneration, as part of an Integrated Territorial Initiative (ITI) that the EU has launched to underpin the economic growth of this, our area.

Through these years, it´s been a controversial subject, as the winning project of the ideas competition for this area, was disregarded by the new party that won the elections last time.

This is the link to the project, if you are curious to know more about this proposal, El Bosque Pesquero:

Arising the doubts of those who believe that what was planned in Sancti Petri did not respect the weight of their memories, reason why the new goverment held the proposal and started an open dialog with the comunities to understand people´s expectations.

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