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Subvention from Junta de Andalucía towards a Sustainable Construction.

The Government subvention towards a Sustainable Construction is been increased substancially, involving new builds and any other refurbishment in buildings in Andalucía.

This resolution incentivizes the sustainable energetic development in Andalucia in the period of time between 2017-2020 (BOJA num. 249, 30 diciembre 2016).

If you have in mind any works at home to improve the energy efficiency (thermal insulation, windows, sun protection elements, use of sun light, bioclimatic systems, sustainable energy or improvement of heating, hot water or lighting systems), keep in mind the budget will have to be below 18.000 € (VAT excl.) and under a 3 month deadline. You can find the resolution in the following link

Don´t hesitate in getting in contact with us if you need further assistance or if you want to undertake any of these improvements at home. You will notice the benefits of it in the short time!!!

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