Residential Complex


Chiclana, Spain


June 2020

Situated on the outskirts of the Pinar del Hierro, the proposed residential scheme with un obstructive views overlooking Chiclana’s beautiful skyline will be one with the Pine forest in which it boarders.


The nestled scheme like all of our projects will maximise sustainable features that the site has to offer. Energy from the sun will be harness though PV arrays and solar panels, as well as availing of the light breeze from the sloped site to generate wind energy, natural ventilation and cooling for the habitable spaces. We believe the proposed scheme will become a symbol of sustainability, and a catalyst for many similar project in the near future.

Honoring the rural way of life, we also aim to provide a sense of community by creating clusters of ‘plaza’ located at many levels marching down the sloped site, becoming meeting and gathering places for the residents. In maximising the green field site for the residents, we meticulous excavate in isolated areas, inserting functions such as car parking and utilities within, with convenient ingress and egress routes.

The building volumes will be a ‘search for lightness’ elevated as if floating above the site, seen from a distance crisp and solid, reflecting their brilliant white aesthetic that we come to identify with Chiclana de la Fontera.

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