The brief key point was to provide a living space & art studio for a family on a confined site.


This brief demanded off-standard design solutions,

Creating privacy in an exposed location within a densely inhabited neighbourhood,

Catching the sun and celebrating day light.


We at Concept AW asked ourselves,


​to create a private family home within an existing courtyard space of a housing area?

to provide shelter in an exposed location while also including a sense of well being?

to develop a scheme for an artist living and working in the house with their family, along with providing a small public exhibitions space.

To develop the initial design we spend many days analysing the Site and its neighbourhood.


the site is located to the back of house courtyards and garden spaces, banked at either side by dominant traditional domestic houses, clustered within a sea of sheds and rectangular out houses, mimicking a slow moving river, containing floating rectangular & cubed shaped ICE BERGS

'breaking  free from its glacier and escaping out to sea'.

Working with this conceptual story we titled the project

‘the ruby amongst the rocks’


it became apparent our overall intervention was to be very unique comparable to the already existing loci aesthetic and therefore we took the approach to celebrate over a modestly shy intervention.


In creating the bold conceptual statement, we also decided to pay homage to the surrounding existing outshed in which the site resides and developed the designed around a simple cubed building form.


​Like all of our project we a


How? is the importance of sun and natural light?


During the design process,


to get light as deeply as possible into a room?

daylight effects are to be expected in Summer and in winter, on clear or cloudy weather condition?

We made sure to make sunlight a major feature of the families living concept.


We tried to Identify with the users and envisage their way of living and feel we have presented an honest approach in meeting with the needs of the family and of the site in which it resides.  

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