Dungarvan, Ireland



'The journey through the proposed MUSEUM is influenced by the buildings fabric by evoking conflicting emotions....... one of peace/hope with openness light and transparency and one of tension/conflict with complex shadows and interconnecting narrowing circulation routes'

The old ruins of Dungarvan Castle alongside the river


The Design

The concept originates from the rich history of the site in both Peace and conflict.


We felt the new intervention should be one that summaries this history aesthetically, in particular in the times when the castle walls fell to invading forces.

In plan, we introduced the new ‘forms’ that breaches the castle perimeter walls by oversailing in 3 location, portraying the sense of conflict mimicking the ‘breaching of the defensive walls’.

The simple building form penetrates at high level coinciding with the time line at public realm level which originating at the gates entrance and finishing in the central ‘Keep’.  

The sense of freedom is expressed at ground level with openness and flexibility to roam freely throughout the grounds.

We were very keen for the building aesthetic to be simple in form but portrays a story in its fabric.

The elaborated ‘cutting and craving’ of the façade suggests one of battle ‘a sense of time’, but remaining steadfast over sailing the perimeter walls in a defensive manner.


'The journey within the museum is expressed in a similar manner between peace and conflict'.

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