Building Survey
Structural Report

A Structural Report is an visual inspection of a building or site in a manner that enable our Engineer to advise what impact the existing condition will have upon the Client. At Concept AW we develop a Structural Report for our Clients prior to the purchase of a property detailing the current structural condition and risks that may exist.


Our Structural Reports normally comprises of the following: An appraisal of the form and materials of construction. A analysis of significant defects revealed where possible and advises on appropriate further actions. Identification of less significant defects, general disrepair and shortcomings in the physical condition, maintenance and design of the building.

Snag List

A defects list and finishing schedule, often described as a ‘Snag List’ is the inspection and investigation of the construction and services of  newly built properties in sufficient detail to allow the Architect to compile a list of shortcomings, defects and irregularities with the built property by the Contractor. This gives the Architect and Client the opportunity to issue the Contractor with a detailed list of snagging items, which should be rectified before closing the Contract. The purpose of the Snag List is to ensure that the newly built property, extension or refurbishment works demonstrates compliance with the Architects drawings and specifications along with Building Regulations, Codes of Practice and Health & Safety Regulations.

Schedule of Condition

Concept AW would commonly prepare this visual inspection report at the beginning of a lease agreement or prior to commencement of adjacent construction work in particular party wall works, or in connection with litigation. This type of report is commonly issued in conjunction with Party Wall Awards if either adjoining neighbor are proceeding with construction works affecting in some way the shared party wall. This report will record prior to commencement of works the existing visual condition of the building supported by photographs, or video or drawings.

Planning Feasibility Investigation

Prior to our Clients purchase of a property, Concept AW offers a service whereby we carry out a detailed inspection of the relevant Local Planning Regulations to determine the full planning history of the property in question. During this process we inspect the relevant local zoning plan and any other relevant plans, such as conservation areas and flood risk zones, to name a few, all of which may have an adverse effect on the property or future development of the property. Additionally we meet with the local planning officer to query the current properties status and confirm whether future zoning changes will affect the property in question. Finally we carry out a visual inspection of the property, and compile a Feasibility Report with all critical information for our Client to make their decision with the best information in hand.

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