This project has very unique with a modest brief,

Working with the site with nature & responding to user needs, with a taste of Architectural inspiration.


Summer House





Key for Concept was to create a sense of Well Being within Nature.

While searching for inspiration we examined..



...could we imagine living on or by water?

...the smell of the seasons?

...would you experience the times of day? rain drops sound falling on water?

...the cinematic display of refracted water line?

...the appropriate orientation of the house and the sun deck? celebrate Sun and warmth how to shelter from Wind, Cold and Noise?

considering direct and indirect daylight? carefully merge with the Landscape?

...can we anchor the building while creating Visual Interest?


During the design phase, the approach to the house became an important factor for us, for instance, how will the building be perceived by the owners and general public?

What is the sense of procession to the entrance of the house through nature’s thresholds?

And very importantly how is the journey from the house to the shore line experienced?

The building form and material

was inspired by vernacular architecture of ‘the Clochan’ located on the West Coast of Ireland (recently depicted in Star Wars last Jedi movie)


not creating a closed loop, but an independent section, a ‘link’, allowed us to imagine a virtual ‘chain link’ with the owners other family homes located in different parts of the world. Spiritually the ‘missing links’ when connected forms again the ‘unity’ in which family memories are either created, rekindled or cherished.

Merging the building within the cliff face, anchored the floating curved form, while allowing for dramatic cantilevers at each wing. The curve also allowed for maximum enhancement of the panoramic view East & West while protecting the living quarters ‘the core’ from adverse weather.

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