Inspired by nature_4
Inspired by nature_4

Inspired by nature_3
Inspired by nature_3

Inspired by nature
Inspired by nature

Inspired by nature_4
Inspired by nature_4





a project without a brief, site or occupier.....


‘Made by man but inspired by nature’








......but developing the design around one concept, a.........Labyrinth


At Concept we used this much conceptualised playful project to Test many design solutions and trains of thought.


To assist us with a design narrative, we looked to Nature and 'Biomimicry principles' and found an exciting playful source of inspiration through the

...Termite Mounds...

'The termite principle will create complex internal conditions which will allow for interesting movement through the building form'

In a


As a child, I myself have always enjoyed spending time in Caves as a way of separating myself from the world and entering a ‘Narnia’ or other worldly space.

In today’s ever rapidly changing world, one can sink deeply into themselves finding their peaceful thoughts in a cave like space.

like environment, one can feel cut off from the rest of the world.


To assist this unique experience the 'space' vertical circulations was designed to be situated playfully within the buildings external fabric.


There will be no windows to distract from this


internal adventure,

but a single oculus hole carved out of the ceiling generating a shaft of light as if illuminating the mind of the occupants below

The simplicity of the spaces allows the occupants for a profound connection with their surroundings

The cave aesthetic could in once sense evoke an aesthetic association of a womb, as if embracing us in a protective shield of stillness, sheltering us from harm, soothing our spirits.

We asked ourselves

..what could this hypothetical space be used for, and we considered a possible; 


       spiritual space,


or just simply a space for people to enjoy and use for whatever they feel free to do so.

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