Located on the periphery of Chiclana town centre, the modern new build, one bedroom flat with retail at Ground Floor level, will bring new energy to a traditional street scape. The building design is very much influence by the minimalistic white building forms to the North and a gradual transition to a vernacular domestic aesthetic on the South, while the site bridging both languages, as if adhering the streetscapes natural rhythm.

The design draw directly from the functional operation of both building demises, one bedroom flat at first floor and ground floor retail provisions.

We aim to incorporate as many sustainable features as feasibly possible, such as the building overall form, to assist in natural ventilation, cooling & energy capturing, an 8m high green walls internally for air cleansing and passive cooling, not forgetting solar/PV panels located on the roof for the generation of domestic power and hot water. The project also hopes to incorporate water retention system for grey water harvesting that can be used within the domestic flushing of WC pans.







March 2018

Finally the material choice will be one in keeping with the surrounding urban context with high end finishes, bright and cooling for the internal environment.

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